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Bluetooth Tools is a set of bluetooth utilities providing end users to make use of all the supported profiles by their bluetooth enabled handsets. The features would be but no limited to:

1. Sending SMS using the comfort of the PC keyborad using the selected bluetooth phone.
2. Enabling the bluetooth handset to be used as a modem alowing dialup connection.
3. File exchange from PC to phone and vice-versa.

The project currently is in planning stage and lot of features would be added to the above list to make this a complete set of bluetooth tools.

BT-Tools curently would be using the open blustooth stack BlueZ and the open source implementation of the OBEX protocol - OpenObex

Current status of the project is planning stage, but a prototype implemention for the SMS and file push application is already available. This would be uploaded soon for everyone to try out.


8th July 2007:

The development version of BTSMS application can be downloaded now from here .